Field Trips and Outreach Programs

The Scott County Historical Society has a long history of providing quality educational programs for Scott County students. Because the technology forField Trips1-web delivering programs and Minnesota Standards for Teaching have changed over time, we re-evaluated our educational programs and developed new  programs that are relevant, fit teacher needs and engage a broad spectrum of learners. All programs meet Minnesota Academic Standards benchmarks and include pre- and post-activities.

Please contact the Curateducation-page-webor of Education at 952.445.0378 or via email to schedule a program for your class (programs are also available to homeschool groups, Scout groups, and other community groups).

See below for a listing of available programs.

Grade K: Pieces of the Past
Students will step back in time to experience a day in the life of the child of a European American colonial settler. They will write on slate boards, play with historical toys, and try their hand at pioneer chores, as well as explore maps, photographs, and artifacts. 1898 Map

Grades 1-2: What’s For Dinner?Classrmprgm2013
Students will learn what it took to put a meal on the table 100 years ago by investigating the farms, general stores, and kitchens of the past. Students will participate in a variety of hands-on activities including churning butter, shopping in a general store, and examining historical kitchen gadgets.

Grades 3-5: Then and Now
Students will compare the towns of today with the towns of the past by exploring maps, photographs, and artifacts, and by taking on the role of a townsperson from 1880s Scott County.

Grades 6-8: Stories and Words
Students will practice thinking like historians by analyzing primary sources from the Scott County Historical Society’s collections, including maps, artifacts, photographs, and letters. Students will work in teams to uncover and present the stories they learn from these sources.

Grades 9-12
The Scott County Historical Society is available to partner with your 9-12 class on special projects. Please contact the Curator of Education at 952.445.0378 or via email to discuss how we can work together!

On-site field trips are also available! Field trips include a visit to the museum and/or historic Stans House and a hands-on activity.

For information about program fees and/or to arrange an outreach program or field trip for your class, please contact the Curator of Education at 952.445.0378 or via email.


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