SCHS Education Trunks

Bring History to Life!

SCHS offers Education Trunks that can be rented for your classroom, homeschool students, or community group. Each trunk contains artifacts, photographs, a lesson plan, and supporting documents that meet Minnesota State educational standards. Give your students the opportunity to become blacksmiths, fur traders, or farmers and make history relevant and fun!

Trunks can be checked out for week-long intervals, OR an SCHS educator can come to your classroom or organization and lead an interactive program! Check out our different offerings and learn about pricing and availability below.

Grade K: Pieces of the Pastpieces of the past
Students aged 4-7 will experience what daily life was like for a European-American child living in Scott County in the late 1800s. Participants will get to visit three stations and interact with artifacts relating to chores, games and school for colonial settler children. They will also get to look at photographs from Scott County’s past and compare their lives to the lives of children. This program also includes the option of making and tasting butter.
Learn more here: SCHS Pieces of the Past Program Overview


Grades 1 and 2: What’s For Dinnerwhats for dinner (2)
What did it take to put a meal on the table 100 years ago? What did families eat? Where did their food come from, and how did they prepare it? In this 45-minute program for grades 1 and 2, students will learn about the farms, general stores, and kitchens of the past. Students will have the opportunity to explore photos and artifacts and participate in hands-on sensory activities including churning and tasting butter, counting money in a general store, and investigating antique kitchen gadgets.
Learn More Here: SCHS Whats For Dinner Program Overview


Grades 3. 4 and 5: Scott County Then and Nowthen and now (2)
What did Scott County towns look like 125 years ago? What did people do for a living in the past and how did they travel from place to place? Did their towns look anything like our towns today? In this hands-on program for grades 3, 4, and 5, students will have the opportunity to explore these questions by examining maps, photos, and objects and participating in discussions, games, and skits. During this program, students will have the opportunity to learn about, and try to solve problems in early Scott County towns. Lesson plans are differentiated to be appropriate for each grade level.
Learn More Here
SCHS Pieces of the Past Program Overview


Grades 6-8: The Minnesota River and the Fur Trade  fur trade (2)
This trunk program will give students the opportunity to explore the Dakota settlements and the European fur trading activity along the Minnesota River in Scott County. Students will analyze historical maps and artifacts, take part in mock fur trades, present information to the class, and participate in group and class discussions. Artifacts include furs, Dakota and European tools, and trade goods.
Learn More Here: Minnesota River and the Fur Trade Program Overview



Check-out procedure

Please read and review the SCHS Education Trunk Policy . Trunks are checked out by the week, at a rate of $15.00 per week, and can be picked up and dropped of at SCHS, 235 Fuller Street South in Shakopee. Interested in having an SCHS educator come to your classroom or organization? Call 952-445-0378 for scheduling or questions.

Interested in checking out a trunk?
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