Lectures and Workshops

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  • Who: All ages.
  • What: A wide variety of workshops and lectures on a number of topics, many related to current exhibits.
  • Why: Each workshop and lecture offers educational and entertaining opportunities for our members and residents.
  • When: Varies.
  • Cost: Varying fees may apply.
  • Register: See our event calendar to the left for upcoming lectures and workshops. To request a speaker for your upcoming meeting or event, call Kathleen Klehr at 952.445.0378, or send her an email.

Available Speaker Topics

  • Mudbaden: History of mud spas
  • Surviving the Elements: Wild Weather in Scott County History
  • History of Underwear
  • Boomtowns and Ghosttowns in Scott County
  • Bad-Boys, Bad-Boys, Outlaws in Scott County
  • Prohibition
  • Walking tours of New Prague, Belle Plaine, Shakopee and Jordan (on the street or inside)
  • Everyday History
  • Minnesota River Valley History Overview
  • Civil War and Scott County: Stories and Sources of a War on Three Fronts
  • The Sound of History: Music and Society in Scott County
  • Where the Rubber Meets the Road and Traffic Jams in the Sky: 1950s Travel