Oral History Collections

The Scott County Historical Society completed a five-year project to collect Scott County residents stories from the 1930s to the 1950s. More than 160 interviews were conducted. For a complete list of narrator names, call 952.445.0378, or send us an email. Topics addressed in the interviews include:

In 2010 the SCHS published the book “Never Forgotten: Stories of Scott County World War II Veterans“. The book contains edited oral history transcripts and photos related to service in World War II. The book is available in the SCHS museum store for $30 plus tax. Contact us to order the book.

The full collection of interviewa is available at the Stans Museum. Contact  our curator, Dave Nichols at 952.445.0378 or via email for more information. Transcripts of the interviews are available at SCHS by request.