Donate to SCHS

schs-logo-icon-green-GIVE-NOWThere are many ways to donate to the Scott County Historical Society. From funds donations to in-kind donations of needed items, your donation makes a big difference.

?In-Kind Donations

To make an in-kind donation, stop by the Stans Museum, call 952.445.0378, or send us an email. Below are some items we currently need.

    • Annual Membership to for use in our research library
    • LCD Projector?? for programs / talks
    • Copy Paper?? for research library and staff use
    • Library Tables & Chairs – for research library
    • Arts and Craft Supplies?? for our Kids Kraft programs
    • Silent Auction Items ??for our fall fundraiser?(items are collected year ’round)


Please help the Scott County Historical ?Society further its mission by contributing to a general or special fund. Below is a list of funding opportunities.

Type Gift
?Details:?What Your Gift Can Do
  • An annual recurring gift of a predetermined amount
  • Supports general museum operations, from keeping the lights on to purchasing copy paper
  • A set dollar amount is automatically given on a regular monthly basis
Levels Technology allows us further our mission both geographically and socially. It helps us…

  • Preserve collection items
  • Reach broader audiences
  • Create engaging exhibits
  • Offer visitors easy access to primary source material
  • Provide meaningful education programs through a variety of media for specific audiences
Program Development and Delivery Fund Levels SCHS Programs help interpret history and culture in an approachable and meaningful way for a broad spectrum of audiences. Our programs allow us to…

  • Help teachers meet Minnesota Standards for Teaching benchmarks, utilizing our collection and research library primary resources
  • Engage our communities with local history and make connections between the present, past and future
  • Make history relevant and fun
  • Build citizenship and promote a sense of belonging and place
Exhibit Development and Installation Fund Levels This fund supports research, building exhibit stations, printing, painting, creating hands-on items and more.?SCHS exhibits are…

  • Grounded in Scott County, yet connect to wider topics in history such as war, fashion, medicine, law and more
  • Designed and installed in-house
  • Comprised of active and interactive components
  • Meet Minnesota Standards for Teaching benchmarks
  • Designed to engage a wide range of audiences
  • Guided tours are developed for youth, adults, students, scouts and community groups
Museum: Stans House and Garden Building Fund Levels This fund supports the physical maintenance of the Stans Museum, Stans House and garden.?These funds…

  • Establish and preserve?a safe, secure and proper environment for visitors and the SCHS collection
  • Help use use the Stans house and garden to interpret early-mid 20th century history

Planned Giving

A planned gift to the Scott County Historical Society (SCHS) is the best way to ensure that our past is preserved to inspire our future. There are many types of planned giving.?For more information about including the Scott County Historical Society in your estate planning, please contact Executive Director, Kathleen Klehr at 952.445.0378.

Type ?Details:?How it Works
  • You may leave a gift specified to SCHS in your will.
  • A bequest can be restricted for a particular purpose or it may be unrestricted.
Personal Property
  • You may donate artwork, jewelry or other personal property or give items as a bequest to SCHS.
  • Gifts are eligible for charitable deduction and can be claimed for the value of the items at the date of gift, subject to the current tax laws.
  • Gifts of stocks and bonds can offer a two-fold benefit to you if their value has increased from the time you acquired the security.
  • Under existing tax regulations, you are entitled to a charitable deduction equal to the value of the securities at the date of the gift.
  • In addition, you will not be liable for capital or ordinary gains tax on the difference.
  • Securities can be transferred by your investment broker to our legal name.
Real Estate
  • A gift of real estate may generate a charitable deduction for the full fair-market value.
  • There would be no tax obligation on the difference between the full fair market value and the tax basis.
  • All gifts of real estate property must be approved by the SCHS board of directors prior to acceptance of the property.
  • Gifts of benefits include life insurance policies, IRA accounts and retirement benefits that you no longer need for your personal planning purposes.
  • These benefits can be transferred to the SCHS endowment fund, enabling you to avoid taxable income from retirement benefits and IRAs.