Museum Stans House Garden Building Fund

What Your Gift Can Do
  • Maintain security system (annual cost)
  • Maintain NEW in-ground sprinkler system (annual cost)
  • Install rain gutter system. Current gutters are leaking and do not properly channel water away from the building. There is a potential for water to infiltrate the building and basement collection storage area.
  • Annual $$ covers costs for fertilization, annual heirloom plants, mowing, weeding and general maintenance.
  • Replace (4) HVAC furnaces and rezone the museum. The system is over 20 years old and increasingly requiring repairs. Zones are inadequate to control temperature and humidity levels as required in museum best practices as well as in exhibit galleries, research library, store and offices.
  • Install new carpeting throughout museum. The current carpet has been in place for over 20 years and is becoming warn and stained. This past summer (2011), high humidity caused the carpet to buckle, creating a tripping hazard

Thanks to an in-kind donation we are getting new carpet squares installed this summer (2018).? WAHOO!

  • Replace the wood shingle roof on the historic 1908 Stans House.