The Speak Easy : Everyone has a story


Our mission is to search, save and share history and cultural heritage. One way we accomplish this is through our ever-growing collections of artifacts- tangible evidence of our shared history. But what about the history we share through our experiences? our memories? That can be much harder to collect.

That’s where our speak easy oral history trailer comes in. Equipped with a high-quality digital audio-recording equipment, the speak easy trailer helps capture the stories about our history. Recording oral histories is critical to preserving these stories and memories before we lose them.

Trailerside2Rent the speak easy: Oral History Trailer

The Speak Easy oral history trailer provides a comfortable mobile studio for recording oral histories. Inside you will find all the equipment you need for saving and sharing stories, including microphones, seating, and a digital recorder. The Speak Easy is a great addition to your event, family reunion or wedding, Interested? Review our  rental policy

Help build the collection of our shared stories and experiences with the speak easy trailer. Because history matters.

Interested in renting out just our oral history recording equipment? Give us a call at 952-445-0378 or email