The speak easy : Everyone has a story


Our mission is to search, save and share history and cultural heritage. One way we accomplish this is through our ever-growing collections of artifacts- tangible evidence of our shared history. But what about the history we share through our experiences? our memories? That can be much harder to collect.

That’s where our speak easy oral history trailer comes in. Equipped with a high-quality digital audio-recording equipment, the speak easy trailer helps capture the stories about our history. Recording oral histories is critical to preserving these stories and memories before we lose them.

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It’s easy to use. See our helpful how-to videos on setting it up, and review our rental policy and pre-rental worksheet.

Help build the collection of our shared stories and experiences with the speak easy trailer. Because history matters.

The Reasons History Matters*

For individuals, history:OHTrailer_narrator_Rosemary_sm

  • nurtures personal identity, helping people discover their place in the stories of their families, communities and the nation,
  • captures stories that help people create systems of personal values to guide their approach to life and relationships with others,
  • teaches critical skills and independent thinking through research, fact validation, awareness building, and more.

For communities, history:

  • lays the groundwork for strong, resilient communities, strengthening connections and commitment to each other, and
  • is a catalyst for economic growth, attracting people through a strong sense of historical identity and character.

For our future, history:

  • helps people craft better solutions for today’s challenges, bringing history into discussions about contemporary issues,
  • builds understanding of multiple perspectives,
  • inspires local leaders, providing inspiration and role models, giving them courage and wisdom to confront today’s challenges,
  • is the foundation for future generations,
  • becomes crucial to preserving future democracy because it explains our shared past, leaving a foundation upon which future Americans can build, and
  • grounds us in what it means to be an American through preservation.

* Paraphrased from The History Relevance Campaign: Seven Ways It Is Essential. Learn more at The History Relevance Campaign is a diverse group of history professionals. They believe that history can have more impact when it connects the people, events, places, stories and ideas of the past with those that are important and meaningful to communities, people and audiences of today.